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A WIP of a really bad Kidou and Endou fic dont read its terrible

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1. Labyrinth
2. Tower collapsing
3. Ghoul Powder
4. Bodyswap
5. Halloween
6. KOS-MOS rampage

A chart to show off Kidou's very special friends.

[It will be separated in comments. Separated by canon, not in any order. Will update once a month.]

Am I being too serious with Kidou? Or is he acting a bit too carefree? If you have any comments or concerns with the way I'm playing him, here is the place to tell me!

Anonymous is enabled and whatnot.

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Character Information

Canon Source: Inazuma Eleven
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Character's Name: Yuuto Kidou
Character's Age: 15

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[He was proud. Yesterday, his team had won the finals of the Football Frontier, he had the trophy sitting on his desk in his room. His father had praised him, Kageyama had praised him, his schoolmates cheered his name as he returned to school. He was regarded as a hero, of sorts. And he was one step closer to being able to live with his sister again. Yes, he was a very proud boy.

And yet, as he walked home from the grocery store, he felt like he was missing something.

Oh well, it must not be important.]